Take turns buying Bitcoin

2020/12 31 29:54

Gate.io Today, 14 wonderful prTake turns buying Bitcoinograms will be broadcast soon. The programs include position management, trading strategy, hot spot analysis, science popularization of new technologies, and analysis of the ideas of the makers, etc. for investment market analysis and entertainment interaction.

The new futures contract does not charge any fees. As long as the contract is valid, traders can hold positions for free.

It has increased the hourly rate of return for depositors in the compounddai pool to four times the current rate of return, and reduced the proportion of MPH rewards that depositors need to repay when withdrawing from 50% to 30%. It was reported yesterday that 88mph announced that it would reduce the proportion of MPH rewards to be repaid from 90% of compounddai pool to 50%.

On the evening of December 2, by Gate.io Hu Shen, CEO of MXC polar region, was invited to the live interview program hosted by the liquor Bureau. The two sides discussed and exchanged views on the prospect of MXC polar participating in the bidding of Boca parallel chain slot. Hu Shen said that MXC polar domain attaches great importance to the auction of Boca parallel chain slot, and is ready to do so, and has obvious advantages in this auction: in the past year, the revenue of MXC polar mining machine has reached hundreds of millions, and there are enough chips to run for Boca's card slot. At present, seven super nodes will fully support MXC polar to participate in the auction, and the probability of MXC's miners will also increase The existing dot is stored in the card slot of MXC polar region to support. In addition,

Gate.io The 40th issue of daily financial management, DFI liquidity mining and earning usdg has been officially opened at 12:00 today, with a lock up period of 7 days and an annualized rate of return of 10-15%. The current welfare special session of usdt financial experience gold is continuing, with an annualized rate of 25%. Gate.io The highest income of wealth management treasure is 85% and that of POS is 25%. The two zones contain major mainstream currency and hot currency financing projects.

Gate.io Today (December 13), the fil distribution has been completed according to the user's fil6 position, with a total of about 13000 pieces. Users can check the details in the account statement details. At present, Gate.io It has supported a full range of productsTake turns buying Bitcoin and services, such as filecoin (FIL) spot trading, recharge and withdrawal, leverage trading, currency financing, perpetual contract trading, triple ETF trading, etc.

Alpha test version of overlay protocol was launched on Ethereum test network last month. Overlay was founded by developer Michael Feldman, after winning a prize in ethglobal's chainlink hackloose campaign last month. Overlay uses chainlink as a predictor to create a forecast market. Users can directly use the project token OVL as the payment mechanism to short or long the data of a certain event. The user does not need to become a rival with other market participants. Instead, the user can predict the trend direction of the data by wagering on the data stream. After expiration, the smart contract will cast or destroy the corresponding proportion of OVL token according to the change ratio between the result data and the original data.